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New Products

GM 8.875 / Chevy 12-Bolt Car Pinion Nut & Washers

Mark Williams Enterprises now manufactures, in house, the GM 8.875 Chevy 12-bolt car 7/8"-16 thread pinion nut and washer combination. This nut, made from 4340 material, is heat-treated and replaces the OEM style part that is hard on the pinion. Our new nut / washer combination is comprised of much stronger billet pieces that won't destroy the threads.

Slide Hammer Tool

Primarily used for the MW 12-bolt modular cover, this slide hammer tool with a 5/16" thread can be adapted to other thread sizes. This handy tool can be used to take caps off of rear ends that have 5/16" locking bolt size $41.75

40-Spline Drive Plate, Truck Floater Axles

These axles are designed for offroad and circle track racing applications that utilize the Wide 5 (3/4 to 1 ton truck type hubs), Dana 60/70 (and most Dana 80) hubs, and 14-Bolt style full floating hubs. The 40-spline drive flanges are manufactured using aircraft quality alloy steel and are heat-treated and black oxide coated. The axles are available in standard 4340 steel or high strength 300M steel. The center section spline is available for any spool / carrier requirements. These parts are designed to work with factory axle hub bolts or studs. Covers are anodized aluminum with low-profile sealing o-rings. All sets feature MW true involute splines, and are heat-treated, polished, and shot peened to prevent stress crack propagation. The complete kit is comprised of shafts, flanges, caps and fasteners, o-rings, and retaining rings. Custom produced for each specific application with quick delivery. Please print and/or e-mail Service Bulletin 0090 to order or call for more information.
Wide 5 Hub, 4340 Material, P/N 50270, $848.00
14-Bolt Hub, 4340 Material, P/N 50250, $848.00
Wide 5 Hub, 300M Material, P/N 50280, $1,248.00
14-Bolt Hub, 300M Material, P/N 50260, $1,248.00

In & Out Cackle-Safe Driveline Disconnect

This device allows the driver to disconnect the output shaft from the driveshaft and safely run the car without having to hold in the clutch pedal. All normal driveline couplers stay engaged and do not rotate while the engine is running. The sliding coupler, output shaft, and driveshaft are made of heat-treated alloy steel, while the bearing retainer and fork assembly are machined from billet aluminum. The output shaft and driveshaft are custom made to the length required for your can depth and engine location. Due to the custom nature of this part, please call 1-866-508-6394 to order. $1,475.00

Modular 9" Pro Full Floater 4-Link Housing

The 9" modular full floater housing for Pro 4 Lins comes with 1/4" chromoly steel 4 link bracket. Comes with 17.25" centers, but can be shorter. Includes studs, nuts, washers, brackets, end bells, spindles, and fabricated lower tie bar. $3,884.11.00

Quick Disconnect Assembly

New quick disconnect coupler for shorty Powerglide trans with a 32 spline Turbo 400 output shaft. Allows trans to be removed without moving engine or rearend. Must have a minimum of 4" between the output shaft and the front of the female pinion coupler. $268.00 each

12 Point Hall Effect Sensors

PART NUMBER 57685 12 Point Ring, 28 Spline
PART NUMBER 57686 12 Point Ring, 32 Spline
PART NUMBER 57687 12 Point Ring, 35 Spline
To obtain faster, more accurate, and reliable data, M-W has developed these new pick up rings. They are solid state and deliver 12 data points per drive shaft RPM. Available for 9" Ford, 28, 32, and 35 spline pinion. Sensor and pick up bracket (Part Number 57688) not included. $150.00 each

Aluminum Drive Plates for Floater Systems

PART NUMBER 55025 40 Spline, 5" x 5 B.C.
PART NUMBER 55026 40 Spline, 5-1/2" x 5 B.C.
This new Aluminum Drive Plate is designed for use with the Mark Williams Drag Race Floater systems. The unique design features an alloy steel spline insert permanently fastened in a 7075 aluminum alloy drive flange. This produces a weight savings of over 3-1/4" pounds when compared to the steel parts and reduces rotation inertia forces. The patent pending design is available for the 40 spline floater axles in the 5" x 5 and 5-1/2" x 5 bolt hole circle combinations. This part fits all series of MW floater kits with 11/16" drive studs. $300.00 each

7075 Aluminum Accu-BondTM Driveshafts

PART NUMBER 39890 4" 7075 Aluminum with 1480 Joints

Our 4” diameter 7075 Accu-BondTM driveshaft, with 1480 series universal joints is designed to withstand abuse of Pro-Modified racecars. It has 1480 billet 7075 end yokes that are bonded, (via our Patented Process) to priority 7075 tube. This strength breakthrough is 61% stronger than our previous best shafts. The 4” diameter is also beneficial for high RPM critical speed properties. 1480 series aircraft alloy steel transmission and differential yokes (both priced separately) are available for popular applications. $1,100.00

PART NUMBER 39555 3.5" 7075 Aluminum with 1350 Joints

This 3-1/2” Diameter 7075 Accu-BondTM driveshaft is designed for use in most high-horsepower door cars. It has 1350 forged end yokes made of 7075-T6 material connected with MW's patented bonding processes. This allows for increased ear strength, and allows for an approximate 50% weight reduction compared to a steel shaft, depending on length. Transmission yoke (sold separatey) is required for balancing. $815.00

PART NUMBER 39550 4" 7075 Aluminum with 1350 Joints

This 4” Diameter 7075 Accu-BondTM driveshaft is for high-horsepower cars that require the ultimate strength shaft utilizing 1350 series joints. The larger diameter increases the critical speed properties, often needed for longer shafts. It has 1350 forged end yokes constructed of high grade 7075 material. This material combination and bonding process creates a shaft that is 61% stronger than our previous best shafts. This allows an approximate 50% weight reduction compared to a steel shaft. Transmission yoke (sold separately) is required for balancing. $826.62

1480 Driveline Components

Transmission Yokes
Out Ultra Heavy Duty 1480 series trans yokes are 100% machined from heat treated billet 4140 chromoly. Similar to our 1350 series yokes, they feature an oversized 1480 U-joint that is 40% stronger than standard 1350 U-joints. These yokes are designed for high power applications where strength is more important than the assembly's weight.

PART NUMBER 39070 $304.00
16-Spline, Lenco & G-Force, D = 4-1/2"

PART NUMBER 39071$304.00
32-spline, Lenco, D = 4-1/2"

32-Spline, Liberty, D = 6-1/2"

Pinion Yokes
These pinion yokes are precision machined from billet 4140 steel. Just like the trans yokes, our 1480 series pinion yokes are 40% stronger than the standard 1350 series U-joints. Special fixturing ensures that every yoke runs concentric to the splines. For extra strength, a billet steel cap is required (purchased separately) rather than replace with standard straps.

PART NUMBER 39072 $295.00
35-spline, B = 3/8"

40-Spline, B = 3/8"

Billet steel cap kit for 1480 series pinion yokes

This is a high quality, grease-able U-joint (with zerk). Commonly used on Pro Mod cars and other 1480 series applications. Cup diameter is 1-3/8". Width is 4-3/16". $74.20 each

Driveshaft Safety Loops

This device attaches directly to the differential third member eliminating tubular structures that attaches to the chassis. The front section loop is removable by four retaining bolts allowing easy drive shaft removal. The open design allows removal of the rear universal retaining bolts that are impossible to remove with enclosed tube designs. Constructed from 4130 material this satisfies the NHRA rule requirements for a "retainer loop 360 degrees of enclosure". Available for 9" Ford and MW 11" differentials.

9" Ford
11" Modular

Bell Crank Dragster Steering

Designed for Front Engine Dragster steering applications. Produced from 4130 normalized steel. Features 3/8" holes on 5" arm. Bolt centers are 90 degrees apart, but can be drilled to produce different ratios. Utilizes ball bearings with races. Machined in both 4130 parts. Includes o-ring seal, AN quality fastener, castellated nut, and cotter key. Chassis mounting bracket is formed to weld 1 1/4" to 1 1/2" diameter tubing. $82.50

Anti-Rotation Bracket Assy - 8 3/4 Chrysler

Designed to create the required mount plate for the rear axle rotation and driveshaft cover mounting for Front Engine Dragsters. Produced from 1/8" 4130 steel and bolted to the two existing holes in the 8 3/4" Chrysler differentials utilized in early Dragster construction. The stock third members require addition of two or three 3/8" - 16 threaded holes to mount this product. Jig welded by TIG process with 3 5/16" diameter flange holes for mounting rotation device plates and driveshaft covers. $102.50

Angular Contact Ball Bearing Pinion Support for 9.5" or 10" Gear

For 9.5" & 10" 35 spline pinion gears that have a mounting distance from the center of the ring gear to the pinion bearing of 4.672" (ie: Motive Gear & Tom's Differentials). Includes angular contact rear bearing. Requires MW yoke or coupler. These supports have a solid preload spacer that is factory set. $565.00