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Labor Operations
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9" Ford Ring & Pinion Set-Up
Professional set up of 9" Ford thirdmember, labor charge only
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Broach Pinion for MW Pump Drive
Add 3/8" hex to 9" pinion shaft to drive modular fluid pump.
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Broach Pinion for Pump Drive
Add 5/16" hex to 9" pinion shaft to drive internal fluid pump
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Case Modifications for Pump
Machining required to mount internal pump. 57465 and 57448-95P are pre-machined for pump.
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High Speed Balancing
The precision load-balanced driveshaft greatly benefits racers by reducing radial force power required to turn an eccentric shaft and by improving transmission and rear-end life through a reduction in those harmful radial forces.
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Install Tabs On MW Spindle
Labor to install caliper mounting tabs on MW spindles
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Magnaflux Axles (pr)
Magnaflux inspections of axles (bearings and studs must be removed) Recommended every two years for Drag Race Cars.
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Main Cap Installation (ea)
Dana 60™, 12 bolt GM, 9” Ford, 8-3/4” Mopar and Olds/Pontiac
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Narrow Rear End Housing
Labor to narrow your housing.
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Re-Drill MW Axles (pr)
Re-drill to change drive stud or bolt pattern (requires heat treatment therefore bearings and studs must be removed)
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