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Splined Shaft Manufacturing Services
Who are we?
Mark Williams Enterprises was established in 1964 and has been at the forefront of CNC/NC manufacturing processes since 1974. Our primary business is the design and manufacture of high quality driveline components. Over the years we have been in a unique position of creating a complete, self-sufficient operation with a large range of manufacturing capabilities under one roof. We are now offering our manufacturing services to companies outside of our traditional market. In addition to our standard products, we have had the pleasure to be involved in the design and manufacturing of special components for Walt Disney World, Ford Motor Company, Chrysler Corporation, Superflow Technology Group, Rotation Research LLC, Roush-Fenway Racing, Richard Childress Racing, and many others. We encourage you to take advantage of our expertise in spline shaft, and driveline related services.

Splined shaft manufacturing
Splined Shaft Manufacturing Services
Single operation shaft turning and spline hobbing - spline concentricity is improved by integrating the two operations into one CNC process.

  Induction Hardening
Induction Hardening
Splined shafts are our specialty. We have spent the last 44 years streamlining the processes behind high quality splined driveline shafts. All major operations involved in the production of a splined shaft, from turning, to heat treat, to grind, are within our in-house capabilities. One of the most exciting aspects of our manufacturing process is single operation turning and hobbing. A special synchronization program in our Okuma LU-400 lathe allows us to hob splines on a shaft in the same operation as turning. This keeps the splines extremely concentric, and allows us to create complex splines like crowns and tapers. The same lathe features a “pinch turn” twin turret and anti-chatter software. This allows us to turn extremely long shafts with little or no chatter. The end result is a lower part cost and an extremely precise spline form that is exactly concentric with the turned diameters. An added benefit is that tapered and crown splines can be produced without incurring additional costs, as opposed to traditional hobbing methods.

Splined Shaft Manufacturing Services
CNC Grinding
Splined Shaft Manufacturing Services
Salt Bath Thru Hardening
Our in house thru-hardening and induction hardening processes eliminate the need for outside vendors and their service charges. This reduces production time from days and weeks, to hours. Two Okuma CNC grinders are available for subsequent shaft grinding operations. A large material inventory in the 4140 and 4340 steel grades often speeds the delivery time. If needed we are capable of delivering a shaft project in just a few days. We welcome prototype and short run projects and, if requested, can help in design refinements. Check with us when your project requires splined shafts and related component manufacturing.

Shop Facilities
Mark Williams Enterprises, Inc. has grown to become one of the most self-sufficient and respected manufacturers in the driveline industry. Our facility in the Colorado Technology Center, located in the Denver suburb of Louisville, is 32,000 square feet. We feature highly sophisticated computer controlled machining centers linked with networked production control. We do as much in house as we possibly can, from machining, to finishing, to heat treat. What's more, nobody has invested as much in dedicated equipment for production and testing of driveline components than Mark Shop Facilities
Shop Facilities Williams. Over the last 44 years, Mark Williams Enterprises has earned a reputation for providing all customers with an exceptionally high degree of service. We pride ourselves in everything we do, from initial sales assistance and design assistance, to our product quality, including on-time deliveries. Our self sufficient philosophy, combined with continued
equipment investment, is unparalleled in the industry. The slogan, "Designed, tested and manufactured in house.... in the USA", is just our way of doing business.

Shop Facilities   Shop Facilities
We feature five different horizontal CNC mills in our shop as well as four vertical CNC mills. The various mill configurations and sizes are extremely versatile in their applications. From high speed milling, to heavy cutting we can do it all.
Shop Facilities   Shop Facilities
Our lathe department is every bit as versatile as our milling department. Our shop features heavy cutting machines with 12” chucks, single operation turning and hobbing, bar feeder lathes, and even a swiss machine.
Shop Facilities

Shop Facilities
Our milling and lathe departments are complimented by a wide range of machines. CNC grinders, surface grinders, gear shapers, manual hobs and broaches, long honing, gun drilling, plasma cutting, tool grinding, and in house heat treating are only some of our capabilities.
Splined Shaft Examples
  Splined Shaft Examples
Reverse engineered replacement lathe shaft. Features: a cnc ground taper, keyway, O.D. fit splines, 4340 thru-hardened steel, lock-ring threads, precision ground bearing diameter. Shaft Examples

Shaft Examples Pivoting drive Axle. Bolts to steering knuckle and connects to transaxle. Features crowned 20 spline male and female parts and centering pivot ball. Made from 4340 thru-hardened steel.

Quick release dynamometer coupler assembly. Designed to customer specifications, it features a ball detent quick release, module splines, an easy-alignment mechanism, and more. It was made from stocked materials with stocked tools and in a very short turn-around time. Materials are 4140 and 4340 thru-hardened steel. Shaft Examples

Shaft Examples Electric Motor Shaft. This shaft is induction hardened on the spline area only. This method reduces spline wear and leaves the rest of the shaft more ductile. Made from 1552 steel.

Trans Axle CV Adapter. Bolts to transaxle and connects to halfshafts. Features shaped 60 tooth splines. Made from 4140 thruhardened steel. Shaft Examples

Shaft Examples Clutch Input Shaft, Features O.D. splines on one end and involute splines on the other. Ground bearing diameter and pilot bearing diameter. Made from 4340 thru hardened steel.

Vintage Race Car differential flange. Designed to convert existing U-Joint design to CV-Joint design. Features ground bearing diameters, 30 spline involute spline profile, ground face on flange. Made from 4340 thru-hardened steel. Shaft Examples

Shaft Examples Input shaft adapter hub. Features O.D. fit 1-3/8" 10 tooth broached splines, and a ground face on the flange. Made from 4140 thru hardened steel.

Shop Facilities

Miyano JNC 45 bar feed lathes, 1-3/4" bar capacity (3)
Okuma LC20M live tool lathe 10" X 40" length
Wasino LJ-10 live tool lathe 10" chuck, 40" centers (2)
Mazak Integrex 35 live tool lathe 12" chuck, 40" centers
Okuma LB15II-M live tool lathe 10" chuck 40" centers
Okuma LU-400M2ST live tool lathe with spline hobbing 10" chuck 50" centers (2)
Takisawa TX3 lathe 30 hp 12" chuck 26" centers
Kitako Variant lathe 10" chuck, 23" centers
Okuma LSN10 lathe 10" chuck 40" centers
Doosan Puma 300C 35 HP 4" spindle bore 12" chuck 26" centers
NextTurn SA32 Swiss lathe 1-1/4" bar 7 live tools

OKK MCV-500 vertical mill 20" X 40"
Matsuura MH-600 horizontal mill, 400mm pallets
Matsuura MAM-600HF horizontal mill, 400mm pallets (2)
Niigata HN50 horizontal mill, 500mm pallets (2)
Okuma MC4020A vertical mill 20" X 40" (2)

Okuma CNC GF34N cylindrical angle head grinder 10" X 40" centers (2)
Gardner double disc grinder 30" wheels 15" disc size
Blanchard 42" surface grinder
Schneeberger Norma 75 tool grinder


American 15-ton x 72" stroke table-up broaching machine
Oil Gear 15-ton x 76" horizontal broach machine
Colonial CS5-84 broach grinder
Barber Coleman auto cycle 14-15 gear hob
Barber Coleman 16-36 gear hob
Barber Coleman type "A" 16-36 gear hob
Fellows 712 gear shaper (3)


Tucker Heating 100KVA unit with a 36" CNC controlled scanner
Neutral salt austenitizing furnace 36" length capacity
Salt draw and quench furnaces 440° and 400° F (2)
Eitel straightening press 40 ton X 50" length
Box hardening and draw furnace 12" X 12" X 24"
Black oxide finishing line for steel (cold process)
Blue M 350° F curing furnaces
Gold chromate conversion line for aluminum
REM process finishing machine 20 cu ft
Roto G-400 vibratory finisher
Roto G-700 vibratory finisher
Abrasive grit blasting c
hambers (2)

Dadson gun drill DS-1242-DL 1-1/2" X 42" capacity
Sunnen ST-2000 tube honing machine 78" length capacity

Galt Vulcan plasma-gas CNC cutting machine 2" aluminum plate, 5' X 12' sheet
Daito CNC cut off saws 16" round capacity (2)
Soco cold saws (3)
Wysong shear 10ga steel capacity
Wysong press brake 25 ton 6'
Stone plate saw 2 " aluminum X 48" widths
Tubematic mandrel tube bender 1" to 2" capacity
Tig welders (4)
Drive line welding lathe 65" length capacity aluminum MIG and cold wire TIG

Miscellaneous Support Equipment
Control laser engraving machine (Nd-Yag powered for steel and aluminum)
Z-Corp rapid prototype printer
Autodesk Inventor CAD system
Zeiss CMM coordinate inspection machine
Complete tool making shop
Manual engine lathes (7)
Manual Bridgeport mills (3)
Haas tool room CNC mill
Trax CNC tool room lathe
Surface grinder 8" X 18"
Cylindrical grinder 6" X 16"
Sunnen MBB-1660 hone (2)
Walk-in paint spray booth
Brother BT81 lead screw tapping machine
Magnaflux ARQ-545 DC crack detection machine
Raven DLB high-speed balancer
BL Z100 driveline balancer