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12-Bolt Aluminum Spool
Category: Rear End Components & Assemblies
Part Number(s): 53158
In the never ending battle to reduce rotating driveline weight, Mark Williams offers spools manufactured from aluminum and titanium. MW's aluminum spools are successfully being used in Pro Stock and Comp Eliminator cars. They are machined from 7075 aluminum alloy forgings and are aproximately half the weight of the profile milled steel spools. The 35 spline 9" Ford and 8 3/4" Mopar spool are recommended for drag racing applications with a vehicle weight of 1800 lbs. or less, while the 40 spline 9" Ford spool should be used in cars over 1800 lbs. 9" Ford 28 and 31 spline aluminum spools are available for oval track racing. For high horsepower drag racing applications, MW also offers a titanium 40 spline 9" Ford spool. Both the aluminum and titianum 40spline 9" Ford spools must be used with the Mark Williams 3.812" bore aluminum case. The 35 spline aluminum 9" Ford spools require a 3.250" bore case.
Price: $517.00
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