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12 Bolt GM Car, 8.875” Street Gears
Category: Ring & Pinion Sets
Part Number(s): GM 12 Bolt Car, 8.875”, 8620, 4 Series
Fits 4 series carrier (original ratios of 3.73 and numerically higher) with 1.325” distance from bearing shoulder to ring gear flange. 8.875” ring gear diameter, 1.625" dia. pinion stem, 30 spline pinion. Manufactured from 8620 alloy. These gears are used primarily for street, oval track, and lightweight drag racing applications.
$193.60 - $276.58

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12 Bolt GM Passenger Car Installation Kit
Part Number(s):  83-1019
Installation kit contains all the parts required for a complete ring and pinion installation, including pinion and carrier shims, pinion seal, crush sleeve or preload shims, ring gear bolts, pinion nut and washer, and cover gasket along with gear marking
Price: $161.21
12 Bolt Ring Gear Spacer
Part Number(s):  58950
For using 4.10 to 6.14 ratio gears on 3 series carrier. Includes bolts.
Price: $52.50
Special GM 12 Bolt Cross Pin
Part Number(s):  80-0269
12 Bolt Posi (for 5.14 to 6.14 ratios with stock c-clip axles)
Price: $39.38