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Custom Work

Viper Axles

Mark Williams Enterprises now offers a complete driveline conversion for the Dodge Viper. This kit improves all of the OEM parts, from the differential center out to the wheels. Starting at the wheel, MW reworks the OEM hub by boring the center and broaching them with 35 splines. New CV flanges to fit the modified hubs and the differential are manufactured from heat treated 4340 alloy steel. The connection between inner and outer CV joints is made with a 300M steel half shaft. These flanges accept super strong size 21 competition CV joints. An MW customer utilizing this system has run 8.20’s at over 170 mph!
Vintage Corvette Road Race Axles

Only 5 of the 1963 Grand Sport Racing Corvettes produced utilized a knock off rear axle/spindle design. The original GM design featured a troublesome tapered key design that was not able to withstand repeated assembly and disassembly. The customer turned to Mark Williams Enterprises for a solution to replace and improve the original design where we re-designed the two piece hub into a one piece model. The replacement part retained all the original style but with increased strength and durability. The parts were machined from a solid 6-1/2” bar of 4340 steel weighing 105# and finished to an 11# high strength hub.
Import CV Joint Driveshaft

Imports are continually increasing top engine speed and as a result, critical speed is rapidly being approached with OEM shafts. Designed for a Honda S-2000 this shaft replaces the OEM two piece shaft. The replacement aluminum shaft is able to sustain the higher critical speeds the OEM shaft was previously unable to attain without a carrier bearing. The lighter aluminum shaft shed several pounds from the system reducing rotating mass. The drag induced by the carrier bearing was also eliminated by using a one peice shaft.
1966 Hayman SR-3 Can-Am Car

This unique car is one of three built by Hayman Engineering, a Canadian helicopter manufacturer. Owner Gorge Frey restored the all-aluminum monocoque car to show quality condition. There was a need to upgrade the axles, front hubs and brakes with new components to improve functionally. The owner relied upon Mark Williams Enterprises to adapt our vented brake assembly including custom hubs and axle assemblies to the existing hub carriers. Custom parts produced for this project included flanged axles, aluminum front hubs, brake adaptors and special wheel studs.
Replacement Lathe Shaft

Mark Williams Enterprises produces many special splined shafts. Our facility has specialized equipment that allows fast production of special splined shafts. The pictured shaft was re-produced from a broken sample. The entire project included reverse engineering, creating a three-dimensional model with shop drawings,CNC programming, process development and part completion in less than two weeks. Our complete in-house CNC turning, spline cutting, heat-treating and CNC grinding allow special part deliveries that are unrivaled in the industry
Brill Motor Car Driveline

Heritage Express Trolley car is a restored 1924 Brill Motor Car that runs daily in El Reno, Oklahoma. The challenge was to renovate the clunky u-joint style system and replace it with a smoother running, reliable system. The original 5 u-joint style setup was loud, clunky and needed to be repaired every 4 months. The answer was to replace all the u-joints with quiet CV-Joints. This allowed the power transmission to move easily through an intricate path, ignoring problematic operating angles.