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Axle Kits
Evolution-4 Axle Kit
Kits include a new pair of Hi-Torque axles with our Evolution-4 end kit....
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HI-K10 - HI-K12
Ford Axle Kit
Hi Torque Packages for Ford 9" and 8.8" Rearends. Click to view details
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ML-K01 - ML-K08
Ford MasterLine Axle Kit
Choose MasterLine Axles; C-Clip Eliminator Kit, Weld-On End Kit, or Retainer Kits; Spool or Posi Traction (all kits come with 1/2" drive studs)
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GM 12-Bolt Axle Kit
Hi-Torque Axles, C-Clip kit/bearings, standard steel spool, 5/8" drive stud kit (for non-narrowed housings)
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ML-K04 & ML-K06
GM 12-Bolt Masterline Axle Kits
MasterLine axle and spool or Posi-Traction kit. Basic kit price.
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Hi-Torque Axle Kit for Dana 60™
Hi-Torque axles with steel spool, wheel bearings, retainers, and drive stud kit.
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Mopar Axle Kit
Hi-Torque axles, spool, wheel bearings, retainers, drive stud kit
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Olds-Pontiac Axle Spool Kit
Axles, spool, wheel bearings, retainers, and drive stud kit
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